Sulfur powder (polvo de asufre)
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Sulfur powder (polvo de asufre)

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USED FOR: Uncrossing/unjinxing, protection, rid negative energy

Sulfur powder is often used to help uncross, unjinx, or unhex people, places, or things. People who suspect they’ve be cursed by someone or have fallen victim to someone’s malicious intent may use sulfur powder during spiritual work to reverse this negative energy and purify their spirit. Sulfur powder is meant to be used with other ingredients or spiritual items. It can be used to protect prayer spaces or one’s home, but it can also be used to form symbols during spellwork as an alternative to cascarilla. 

Sprinkle around spiritual objects or altars. May also be laid out to form symbols when conjuring. Wrap with other spiritual items to form a protective cure bag. Mix with salt, then sprinkle around home to purify and protect. Do NOT consume, digest, or inhale, as can be toxic and dangerous to stomach and lungs.