Honey love oils (Miel  de amor)
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Honey love oils (Miel de amor)

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Do you want a lover that may want another? Do you want a lover all to yourself? Do you want them to choose you? Honey of Love, (Miel De Amor) is said to bring you and only you the love and affection of the one your desire.

Honey Love Extract Oil is elaborated with extract of herbs, pheromones, and highly aphrodisiac animal fats and it is used to attract the beloved, or help us to attract them. Also, It is used as if it were a normal perfume or cologne, in the places of the body that you put your cologne or perfume. It is not a mooring, but it will help you to be for you

Honey Love  is used if there is a distancing in the couple, or it does not pay as much attention to us as at the beginning of the relationship. Also recommended if you do not have a partner to attract her, or to notice her. Use it when you have intimate relationships with him, and you can smell the perfume, and you will see how he will not want to be with anyone but you.

With the help of Miel de Amor-Honey of Love, you and only you will receive the love and affection of the one you desire. This preparation contains highly powerful pheromones to attract a lover and influence their behavior.

To use: 

A little goes a long way with this oil! When using it on date nights I put a little on each side of my neck and on the inside of my thighs. You want to use this oil on places where you want your lover to pay attention.