Good luck intention oil
Good luck intention oil
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Good luck intention oil

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Fast Luck oil is the genuine "Algiers-Style" formula, one of the sweetest-smelling, and reportedly the luckiest, products you will ever be pleased to try. Used for luck in Gambling and in Love Matters.

These herbal essences symbolize its use in both both money spells and love spells, making Fast Luck an all-purpose formula, intense but of short duration. The Lucky Mojo Fast Lucklabel indicates this dual usage, as the woman who is receiving the blessings of this formula is holding her skirt up to catch a mixed rain of dollar bills, coins, and hearts.

Among gamblers, Fast Luck is preferred by those who play the slots or the lottery -- that is, those who want "luck in a hurry;" it is not as popular with card players who stay up all night at a game and need long-term luck. (For them, there are Three Jacks and a King spiritual supplies.) when it comes to romantic love spells, Fast Luck, like Kiss Me Now!, draws instant results, but they may not last forever and they may not lead to marriage.

This oil is created with genuine herbs and herbal essential oils, not synthetic fragrances. The ingredients in Fast Luck formulas include Cinnamon, Vanilla, Wintergreen and other herbs and essences. 

How to use this oil:

Click on the video below for guidance on how to use spiritual condition oils.

Create a Fast Luck bath by adding 13 drops of oil to your bath water.

Dress a red (for luck in love) or green (for luck in money) candle in an upward motion with the oil for magic rites and rituals,

Add to an oil-based furniture polish for luck in your home

Wear on your own body as a magical perfume by applying several drops in an upward motion from feet to head.