Garnet polished crystal
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Garnet polished crystal

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Garnet stone into your life could be the best solution for kick-starting your sexual prowess. A powerfully sexual stone, the Garnet isn’t afraid to light a fire in your loins, to bring a sweep of energy, and to help you to feel ready to ask for what you want and need between the sheets.

Radiating with warmth and the color of rich blood, Garnet is also a glorious stone for helping flush out body toxins and keep circulation strong. It’s a stone that wants to keep your blood flowing, your heart beating, and your metabolism working to the best of its ability. For those seeking a stone that will help their body absorb much-needed nutrients, Garnet is your guy.


please not all stones are polished it may have little indent and imperfections. 

you will reserve 1 A piece of garnet.